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The requisites

yogaThe requisites to be disciples of Master F. Sacchi

  • To possess a fantastic aspiration to which all efforts will be devoted to reach the realization of the "Self" and the union of the individual Self with the universal Self.
  • To cultivate the internal fire, where to draw to obtain the necessary strength.
  • Courage and iron discipline, cultivating these values in one's heart:
    • endurance
    • obstinacy
    • steadfastness
    • ardour
    • enthusiasm.
  • Spirit of initiative, intelligence, and creativity in overcoming obstacles, when possible, or at least, in avoiding them.
  • Awareness of a journey with no return.
  • Things to avoid:
    • to lie to oneself
    • self-justifications
    • self-calming processes (they satisfy pride, make us believe that we have already become what we are not in reality).
  • Decide your choices wisely, aware of the possibilities and limits in that moment.