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Con l'infinito

con l' infinito

It has been published the book dedicated to Franca Sacchi-Svāmī Oṃ-mũrtĩ Sarasvatĩ.
Its title is “Con l’infinito”, the author is Fiorenza Presbitero, published by Edizioni Biografiche, Milan.

You can find it in the bookshops: Hoepli, Esoterica, Aleph and here at the Centre.

The book is a long conversation of the author with Franca Sacchi, where the questions leave space to the flow of memories. The result is a story

 that covers the span of a lifetime: since the early years at school, the boarding school, the piano studies at the conservatory Giuseppe Verdi in Milan, the electronic music,

the dance, and the first shows in important Italian theatres and in private art galleries.

And simultaneously the Yoga: Franca Sacchi opens her first yoga centre in Milan, in 1968, and afterwards in Turin and Rome. In India, in 1979,

she becomes Svãmĩ Oṃ-mũrtĩ Sarasvatĩ, when she already has ten years of school to her credit, among which the first Italian school for the training of Yoga teachers,

on behalf of the Italian Yoga Federation. The book ends with the memories and dedications of students and disciples who knew, followed, and loved her.

Yesterday like today.